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a letter for startups

Hi Dear,

I am Saya, and I am writing to tell you that I am personally involved in running this website and company.

This is what I want to share with you most about the establishment of a watch brand. Although I have never established my own watch brand, as a watch manufacturer, I have participated in the brand building work of more than 50+ customers, which enables me to accumulate a lot of knowledge on how to efficiently make products in line with brand positioning.

More than 10 years’ work experience in customized watches enables us to understand customer demand, product positioning, design, sample development in a short time at the beginning of contact with customers. In the final product mass production, we can provide customers with exclusive solutions on how to make products faster and more cheaply.

We understand the belief and ideal of every brand, and we firmly support every entrepreneur who has an ideal. The step from 0 to 1 is not easy. Stick to long-termism and do the right thing. Starting a business is difficult, but it is worth persisting. If you have such a brand dream, let us help you realize it together!

Best regards,

Saya | H-TIMES

Part of our customers

helped more than 50 clients to build their brands from zero to successfully in the last 10 years!!

Perfect production process

The most popular watches

More than 1000+ designs Available for your selection !

Diamond Ladies Watch

316L Ladies Watch

Leather Ladies Watch

Skelton Ladies Watch

Silicone Men Watch

Stainless Steel Watch

Mechanical Men Watch

Multifunction Watch

one-stop solution-customized watch

From an idea to a real watch, to shorten the communication ,to save the cost and energy

 Market Research and Analysis

Watch Design And Developing

Manufacturing and Production  

Purchase Other Required Material

Communicate with Suppliers

Package Design

Simple process to customized your watch

3 Steps to make your idea become a real watch

Your Idea
Your Logo
Your Confirmation
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we cherish every opportunity

We record and cherish every cooperation, looking forward to the smile on the customer’s face, your support and satisfaction is our biggest driving force forward.

OUr customer said...


choosing h-times is choosing your own brand !

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