Dubai Customer Case – Stainless Steel Mesh Band

Dubai Customer Case - Stainless Steel Mesh Band

United Arab Emirates jeweler Mr. Ahmed Al Sabah owns a renowned jewelry store in Dubai. The store is famous for its unique designs and high-quality jewelry. In addition to selling in the physical store, he also operates an online shop with a wide range of business. Ahmed has been looking for a distinctive watch to meet his customers’ needs for fashion and quality.

About the Watch:

About the Customer

Order Process:
In 2021, Ahmed found our company through an internet search and expressed his strong interest in Model HS-3051 stainless steel mesh band, mother-of-pearl dial watch. He hoped to expand his jewelry store’s product line by purchasing this watch.
After several email communications and video conferences, we understood Ahmed’s needs and provided him with detailed product information and quotations. He was impressed by our professional spirit and product quality and decided to place an order for 1,000 pieces of watches.
To ensure the order went smoothly, we assigned a dedicated customer manager to follow up on the production, payment, shipping, and after-sales services of the order. The customer manager regularly updated Ahmed on the order progress and promptly answered his questions.
In the end, the order was successfully completed in February 2022, and the 1,000 pieces of watches were delivered to the United Arab Emirates on time. Ahmed was satisfied with our products and services, and we look forward to future cooperation with him.

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