Netherlands Brand – Classic OEM Products

Netherlands Brand - Classic OEM Products

A knowledgeable and meticulous client with a focus on customer satisfaction. This is the secret to their success!

About the Watch:

About the Customer

Order Process:

Customer is a local wholesaler, the brand is also a trader, also do their own brand, are from China to buy goods, some add brand, some do not add brand, these are according to the customer’s requirements, and then sold to the local, the website are selling their own brand.
Vladimir is a seasoned customer with years of industry experience, making communication smooth and straightforward. The customer requested a quotation, and we provided one along with a PI. We quickly reached a cooperation agreement.
On this occasion, his customer desired a classic style with a dark blue color scheme. The case adopted our existing style and underwent minor adjustments. We provided the customer with 2D drawings, and they quickly confirmed the design. As a result, large-scale production and sample making were very fast. After receiving the products, they were immediately sent to the end customer. Although there were some small issues with the courier, all were well-resolved. Happy cooperation!
Specification of watches:
Classic style with Rose gold color, Simple 42mm, 22MM length watch band, it’s the perfect design shown to the customer
40mm watch, Stainless steel case,
Leather band

What are your thoughts on your watch?

Why do you need your own brand of watch?

Have you thought about it?

-In pursuit of the most reasonable share and profit percentage, always doing a little better than the competition in every way, branded products are the trend, the future.
I think this is the direct answer.
Watches have been defined as a type of luxury jewelry. Branded would be good choice, please contact us, it’s free!

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